What is The Jared Lorenzen Challenge?

The Jared Challenge is an exercise and nutritional platform that will deliver a series of workout, nutritional, and healthy lifestyle tips for communities that are affected by obesity.  It was created on a platform to aide its community of consumers in making fitness and nutrition a lifestyle. Jared Lorenzen has teamed with Gunnar Peterson and Dr. Philip Goglia to design a program of fitness and nutrition that will be accessible to all facets of life. 


The Jared Challenge mission is to develop unique specialized workouts that can be performed by the most obese and overweight individuals. Providing each person with the tools and guidance to reach their full potential and fitness/nutritional goals.

Community Outreach


Our mission for each outreach is to educate and motivate communities through a grassroots approach of high energy, education and fun. At each outreach event there will be fitness activities for all ages, free obesity related testing as well as nutritional tips and giveaways. Workouts will vary from beginner to expert level, giving every person a proper start to implement into their daily lives. Our goal is to have everyone leave our events with a new outlook on a healthier life and how to continue on the path of health and wellness.

Outreach Activities:

  • Get Fit Monday’s
  • Facebook Fitness/Nutrition Challenge
  • WWWJ (Wednesday Walks With Jared)
  • Jared Challenge Circuit
  • Nutritional stations
  • Health and wellness screening stations

Community outreach will include free testing for obesity related illnesses in an effort to reverse this epidemic. Leading causes of death in obese adults include ischemic heart disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases and cancer. Weight loss in obese individuals is associated with a lower incidence of health problems and death.

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