The Jared Lorenzen Project | TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE.


Now Lets Get Fit has teamed up with former University of Kentucky great and NFL QB Jared Lorenzen on his quest to defeat his lifelong battle with obesity. Ballooning to over 500lbs Jared knows the time has come to take control of his health now. Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson has joined forces with Jared and designed a specialized mobile gym built by West Coast Customs which will provide Jared with everything he needs to lead and complete his mission. During the first year of his journey, Jared will share his life as he learns to juggle everyday routines while he hits the gym, and sheds the pounds. Each week he will check in to discuss his progress, pitfalls and the temptation of all the comfort foods he loves as he learns to cope without them. Part of his journey, he will have to Jared maintain the proper healthcare to avoid obesity related illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and more.

Jared will take his mobile gym to different communities throughout Kentucky, encouraging groups to join him and to share his first hand experience with obesity. A QB at heart Jared not only wants to conquer this journey but he also wants to lead communities who face the same daily struggles as himself. Jared in partnership with Now Lets Get Fit foundation will call upon these communities challenging different groups to workout with him weekly and leading them in bi-monthly fitness events. The goal is for Jared to share his progress to inspire others to get active and make a positive changes in their health.

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